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As the capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing has been China’s most important city in terms of business, politics, tourism, as well as culture and the arts since 1949. Dating back more than 3000 years, Beijing has been the capital city over the course of more than four dynasties. It was known as Peking until 1949.

Beijing is situated in the northern part of the North China plains and enjoys a large variety of geographical forms that range from the mountains surrounding it in the north to the low plains in the southwest. The city is also crossed by more than four rivers that carve through the mountains and flow down to the Bohai Sea southwest of Beijing.

Beijing Population

According to the Beijing government, in 2002 Beijing’s population was made up of 14.23 million residents. The diversity of the population is constantly being expanded by increasing numbers of new residents that blend with the more than 50 ethnicities already present in Beijing. This growing diversity makes it a great market place for any type of business.

Beijing Tourism

Having more than 7,000 historical sites, Beijing is constantly flooded with tourists. Its most famous cultural sites include the Great Wall, the Peking Man relics (The Peking Man is seen as the spiritual founder of the city), the Ming Tombs, and the Temple of Heaven. The Beijing administration offers visitors an independent guide with excellent information for getting around Beijing, finding places to dine, reserve a Beijing tour, and much more.

Beijing Accommodations

As an international business and cultural center, Beijing has endless options when it comes to accommodations. Here’s a list of all Beijing hotels, where you can browse and choose your perfect accommodation.