Beijing Visas

beijing visasIf you are interested in visiting, studying, or investing in China, Beijing is definitely the number one place to be. Although Beijing is an independently administered municipality, you don’t need a specific Beijing visa to enter the city itself. However, depending on the scope of your travel, you will need the appropriate government-issued visa to enter the country of China.

Chinese visa

To apply for a Chinese visa, you need to contact the Chinese embassy in your country region and fill out the appropriate forms before you travel. This is of the utmost importance because China does not issue visas at its borders as some other countries do. Your eligibility for one of the various types of visas issued by the Chinese government is determined by the purpose of your trip to China.

Types of visas

Here’s a short overview of the various types of visas:

Tourist visa (L visa): This type of visa is normally issued for travelers coming to China for sightseeing, cultural visits, and family visits. You can see the requirements for applying for a tourist visa by clicking on Beijing’s official government page.

Business/short term study visa (F visa): These visas are usually issued to those who have been invited for short-term, business-related activities (business meetings, business lectures, and so on) or short-term, study-related activities such as internships, research projects, cultural exchanges, etc. The F visas are appropriate for business people wanting to invest in China.

Work visa (Z visa):
This is issued for individuals planning to come to China and work for a Chinese company. This visa requires additional permits from the Chinese Ministry of Labor as well as supporting documents from an employer certifying your hire by their company.

Student visa (X visa):
This visa is for individuals wanting to pursue any study-related activity that lasts longer than six months.

Special visa: The Chinese government also issues visas for international transit crew members, diplomats, journalists and other similar short-term activities.

Visa application forms

For visa application forms, details and procedures, you can check out the official Beijing government page.