Beijing Office

beijing office spaceWith the Chinese economy growing at double-digit rates, many multinational companies have been expanding and opening up branch offices in Beijing. A company that has a Beijing office enjoys access Beijing’s vast business potential, while also enabling it to establish business ties and contacts with the whole Asian region.

Setting up a Beijing Representative Office

When setting up a Beijing representative office, you first need to become familiar with the Chinese laws and regulations governing foreign direct investment and international business. China does not allow foreign corporations to conduct direct business activities, but it does allow companies to open a Beijing Representative Office in the areas of business networking, marketing, consulting services, business exchanges and others.

Before you can set up a Beijing office, you need to make sure to provide the necessary documentation. Here’s a complete list of all the required documentation the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and other related government agencies require.

Beijing Office Spaces

With a thriving economy, Beijing has become an important world business center, one where each reputable multinational company has established a representative office. If you have managed to set up all the documentation and obtain the necessary permits and approvals, the next step is actually finding office space in Beijing. There are plenty of online services that allow you to browse through various available office spaces and choose the one most appropriate to your business goal.

With the real estate crisis hitting the world economy and the Chinese economy as well, the rate of Beijing offices being vacated has increased. This has led to a major drop in rental rates, especially for the corporate sector. If you are thinking of setting up an office in Beijing, this might be the perfect time to get the best deal.