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beijing invest
The Beijing Economy

Beijing has established itself as a world-class business and financial center and is a key presence in the Asian and global economy. It has been the major force that has driven the Chinese economy into a complete expansion, with growth rates of over 9% per year since the late 1970’s. According to the World Bank, China alone has been responsible for more than 75% of poverty reduction in the developing world in the last 20 years.

The thriving Beijing economy accounts for over 13% of China’s GDP and has become the mainland’s most important business and financial hub. When thinking of investing in China, any business would consider Beijing first and foremost!

Foreign Investment Capital in Beijing

When it comes to foreign investments in China, Beijing attracts foreign capital worth over $6.8 billion USD every year, with over 20% of that amount coming from investments in business and consulting services. With over 700 financial Beijing companies specializing in finance, the Beijing market for financial and legal services is in a continuous expansion.

The Beijing trade and manufacturing sectors also account for over 20% of all foreign capital invested in the city, making any investment in Beijing a high-yield, sustainable investment. Even certain Ivy League schools have opened up offices and are recruiting top candidates from China while also connecting with the rest of the Asian region.

The Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau

To attract more foreign investment, the local administration of Beijing has set up the Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau. This is a valuable resource for potential investors considering Beijing as a potential new investment location.

On their website you can find economic data supporting Beijing’s investment potential as well as current investment projects. You can also find a project manager who will handle your personal investment initiatives in terms of connecting you to the right authorities, helping you network with local companies, and more. They also have online consulting, where a representative will answer any question you may have in relation to investing in Beijing.