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Having had double-digit growth rates for the past 10 to 15 years, China has become an important world business and financial center, attracting more foreign investment capital every year! Opening up an office in Beijing would connect your business to one of the world’s fastest-growing regions, and also connect you to various other reputable multinational corporations that are making investments in the Beijing business sector.

Beijing Info

You can find a mini Beijing guide by clicking on our “Beijing Info” page. You can access general history information about Beijing, learn about its cultural and tourist attractions, and also find links to great resources on how to choose your accommodations in order to make your stay in Beijing as pleasant as possible.

Beijing Visas

If you need information on the paperwork needed for a foreigner to enter China, you can click on the “Beijing Visas” page to learn about the various types of visas issued by the Chinese government. You can also check out the link provided, which directs you to China’s official government. Here you will find information regarding the details of the necessary documents and permits for the type of visa you need.

Beijing Office

If you are interested in setting up a Beijing representative office, you can go to our “Beijing Office” page. Here you will find the details regarding required paperwork and approvals necessary to set up a representative office in Beijing. You can also find valuable tips about finding office space in Beijing as well as important details about strengthening your business by connecting it to Asian markets.

Beijing Invest

Finally, you can check out the “Beijing Invest” page to read about why you should invest in Beijing and how it will help you expand your business. We have provided you with a direct link to the Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, where you can find in-depth information and answers to your questions about investing in Beijing, China’s capital city.